We will develop and commercialize fuel cell solutions for the marine industry. We will work with world's best suppliers and industry - leading customers. We have decades of heavy duty fuel cell development and systems integration experience. We're dedicated to bringing that experience to the marine market.


Power:  300kW  - Seawater cooled

Weight: 900kg  - Reconfigurable

η:      53%    - Robust & Durable

RR-2 Fuel Cell System

The RR-2 is a compact fuel cell system develop specifically around marine requirements:

  • Efficiency

  • Maintainability

  • Reliability



Paul Paterson is a seasoned Professional Engineer who has built a career around fuel cell systems integration, team building, and customer satisfaction.

Passionate about clean energy, Paul is eager to bring his fuel cell expertise to the marine sector. Paul lives on Prince Edward Island, Canada.